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Jennifer Brockman, CEO

Founder and President, Jennifer Brockman is responsible for day-to-day operations and ensuring client satisfaction. She has 14 years of experience in the Construction Engineering and Inspection (CE&I) industry where she has a proven track record of directing rapid growth and providing quality services. Her operations management experience and dedication to providing timely and accurate deliverables are the foundation on which the Adaptive Team is built.

Herb Potter, Executive Vice President, CCM

Herb has been working in the transportation construction industry since 1997, including being solely dedicated to quality management of CEI services since 2010. His responsibilities include oversight of materials testing and certification, inspection, documentation, contract modifications and final estimate deliverables. Herb’s dedication to quality, along with his propensity for technology, ensure Adaptive’s services are delivered in a consistent and exceptional manner.

Al Tehrani, Vice President, PE

Al has been working in the CEI industry for more than 30 years in numerous roles from in-house PA positions, to Senior Project Engineer for FDOT, CFX and local governments. He is recognized for his issue resolution abilities with contractors to minimize costly delays and gain favorable results for his clients. His tenacious project approach, and willingness to do what it takes to successfully complete your project, makes him an ideal asset for your team.

Steve Carrasquillo, CEI, Contract Support Specilaist

Throughout his career Steve has become known for his attention to detail as an inspector's aide, inspector, and Sr. inspector, with a proactive approach to resolving project challenges. In the past several years Steve has established himself as a prominent Contract Support Specialist through completing several final estimates with zero PARS, and working in the District office to provide support to their in-house staff. The Adaptive Team is proud to welcome Steve as we continue our efforts to grow in Central Florida!

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